[CRISP-TEAM] Editorial suggestions

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Mon Jan 12 17:28:16 CET 2015

> For (1) "what base document", let's work from the document sent by
> Michael with these email headers:

Agreed.  I have it in front of me.

>> What is our timeframe for accomplishing these five steps?
>> I’m in the ARIN board meeting right now (until 21:30 UTC), and on an airplane after that (23:00 UTC until 08:00 UTC tomorrow).  If Alan and Michael can nail down (1) and as much of (2) as possible by 22:30 UTC, I can put in at least four hours of dedicated work on (2) through (4) before 08:00 UTC, and suggest that we could have finished (4) and (5) by 20:00 UTC Wednesday.
> For (2) "compile all of the applicable edits", let's each work on a separate copy of the document and a separate set of edits.  I'll do the edits that I suggested myself, and changes from "NRO EC" to "RIRs" where appropriate.  Bill will not be available, but…

Actually, I’ve just asked for, and received, permission from the rest of the ARIN board to give the CRISP editing process most of my attention through the remainder of the meeting (the next five hours), so I’ll do as much as I can here.

> perhaps Michael can work on edits suggested by others.  I'll send my "track changes" document to Michael by 22:00 UTC today (6 hours from now).  That will be midnight in my time zone, and I won't be much use after that time.

Okay.  My understanding is that you will produce a document with track-changes enabled, incorporating all of your edits.  I will, in parallel, produce such a document incorporating all of my edits.  Michael will, in parallel, produce such a document incorporating all other changes that he can find.  This will eliminate step  (2) compile all of the applicable edits, at the expense of an additional step (3.5) synthesize three documents.  We do only a light (4) copyedit now, with the goal of (5) return the edited draft to the list by 08:00 UTC Tuesday.

> We probably need two copyediting rounds, one after applying editorial
> changes, and another after substantive changes are made.

Agreed.  With more investment in the latter.


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