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Michael Abejuela mabejuela at arin.net
Mon Jan 12 16:37:28 CET 2015

Hello CRISP Team,

On the subject of editorial changes, I have two items to reference for your consideration:

(A) Section III.A.1 – this is the first reference to “the new contract” but no prior context for the contract.  It is an assumption but to someone reading it for the first time, the question might come to mind “what new contract?”.  Therefore, suggest adding a brief context in the bulleted elements list above it as follows:

(1)           ICANN to continue as the IANA functions operator on number resources;


(1)           ICANN to continue as the IANA functions operator on number resources via a contract with the RIRs;

(B) Also, as I understand it, there is revision for accuracy needed on the description of the regional coverage of LACNIC and ARIN:

On page 1, suggest modification as follows:

ARIN Serving North America Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, Antarctica and the United States


Serving South Latin America and the Caribbean

I don’t see these as controversial changes but did want to raise them with the team before incorporating into the editorial draft that is forthcoming.  Absent any objection, I plan on including these in the next draft.

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