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Michael Abejuela mabejuela at arin.net
Mon Jan 12 15:33:33 CET 2015


Good point on the title, please find attached the document reflecting the
title in the metadata as "CRISP TEAM IANA PROPOSAL².

Please let me know if you require anything further.


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On 1/12/15, 8:55 AM, "Alan Barrett" <apb at cequrux.com> wrote:

>On Mon, 12 Jan 2015, Michael Abejuela wrote:
>> Attached is the clean version of the most recent draft and I
>> have removed items from the ³properties² portion of the
>> document.  Please let me know if they still appear when you open
>> it and if there are any other items to remove; but I hope this
>> addresses the concern.
>Thank you for that.  Now, when I use the "File -> Properties"
>menu, under "Custom Properties", I see that the reference to the
>Internet Society is gone, and under "Description" I see that the
>title is blank where it used to say something about RIPE.
>I'd suggest that we put "CRISP Team Proposal" as the "Title".
>> Also, do you similarly require other versions of the proposal?
>No thanks, I don't need any other versions.  I am interested in
>ensuring that the final version has appropriate metadata, but
>older versions can remain as they are for the historical record.
>--apb (Alan Barrett)

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