[CRISP-TEAM] Document status inside the document

Paul Rendek rendek at ripe.net
Sun Jan 11 11:38:28 CET 2015

Hey Alan,

Yes, this looks good to me.


On 1/11/15 7:39 AM, Alan Barrett wrote:
> I suggest adding a paragraph of document status inside the document,
> in between the heading "Draft Response to the Internet Coordination
> Group Request for Proposals on IANA from the RIR community" and the
> fiste heading "1. Proposal Type".  It could say who wrote the document,
> and which version this is.
> I note that the ICG RFP uses number 0, not 1, in the heading "0.
> Proposal type", and I think we should do the same.
> I also think that the title would be better is we moved "from the RIR
> community" closer to the beginning.
> So, I suggest that the top of our document should say something like
> this:
>      Draft Response from the RIR community
>      to the Internet Coordination Group Request for Proposals on IANA
>   This document is a response from the Internet addressing community
>   to the ICG Request for Proposals.  It was prepared by the CRISP Team,
>   which was established by the five Regional Internet Registries
>   (RIRs) specifically for the purpose of producing this document.
>   This is the second draft, published on 8 January 2015.
>   0. Proposal type
> --apb (Alan Barrett)
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