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Nurani Nimpuno nurani at netnod.se
Fri Jan 9 16:09:44 CET 2015

Great, thanks for the quick action German!

Some very quick additional comments:

o Intro
  Can we remove (or move) this text:
  "The Regional Internet Registries feel that we can accomplish this 
   goal in the necessary timeframe through an adaptation of the 
   existing Global Policy Development Process. This should be 
   undertaken by a team specifically convened for this purpose with 
   streamlined operating processes." 
   (I don't know if it adds useful information and it takes up 
   valuable screen real estate.)  

o Latest Draft Proposal
   Thanks for listing them under one heading. Much clearer! 
   Is there a way of highlighting this even more? 

o Key dates
  It's good to see the "key dates" on there now. Thanks for that! 
  Would it be possible to increase it in size so stands out a little 
  more? (Maybe have Latest Documents as one header, and "Key dates" 
  as another?)

o crisp at nro
  The details about the internal crisp at nro.net mailing list could 
  probably be moved down (to somewhere under the archives), away from 
  the "Participation and CRISP Mailing lists" header. (So it doesn't 
  look like it's a list the community can participate on.) That way, 
  it's clearer what list the community should subscribe and post to. 

The paragraph "The CRISP team conduct regular teleconferences open to observers for information on coming teleconference please refer to latest CRISP team timeline document or below meeting archive and timeline."
--> should probably move to under the heading "CRISP Team Meeting Archive and Timeline"

I hope these comments are useful. I don't feel strongly about these changes happening exactly the way I am asking here, so I appreciate anything you can do. The main objective is to make three things stand out on the page:

1. The latest draft
2. Deadline for comments
3. How to provide comments

I realise it's Friday evening down under now, so I am not expecting these changes to happen right now of course.  I think we all deserve a break after this week. :) Thanks.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

On 9 jan 2015, at 14:50, German Valdez <german at nro.net> wrote:

> Please take a look to the www.nro.net/crisp-team page, I think I have addressed your observation here.
> Looking forward for receiving your input
> German
>> On 9 Jan 2015, at 9:25 pm, Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
>> Nurani & CRISP Team,
>> I have put this on the agenda for the coming call.
>> I agree with your reasoning in needing to address and the need to revise
>> the points you listed.
>> Regarding A separate, clearly visible "Latest draft" link,
>> I recall this was discussed and observed general agreement in a past
>> call as well.
>> My comments inline and perhaps German can also help us confirm whether
>> they (all or partially) can be accomodated, with the resource it requires.
>> On 2015/01/09 18:33, Nurani Nimpuno wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am reluctant to add more work ot the NRO secretariat (sorry German!), but I was wondering if we could make some improvements to the NRO CRISP webpage?
>>> o "How to provide input"
>>>   Maybe there needs to be a clear header called "How to provide
>>>   input". At the moment, it is not clear to "newcomers", how and
>>>   where they can comment.
>>>   (We have now listed pointers to the ianxfer-list, but it might
>>>   not be clear that this is *the place* to send your input.)
>> I agreed.
>>> o Clear timeline and current deadline on the page
>>>   Currently the timeline is listed in a PDF with the title
>>>   the page, I think it's important that they immediately can
>>>   see what the timelines are.
>>>   Can we add a clear "deadline for input to 2nd draft" to
>>>   the page?
>> I agree. This can probably also move to where the latest document can be
>> view.
>>> o A separate, clearly visible "Latest draft" link
>>>   If we want input to this draft, maybe there needs to be a
>>>   clear link that stands out on the page in addition to the
>>>   one in the list at the bottom of the page.
>> Indeed. In addition to the draft, all the latest documents. i.e., latest
>> issues list and timeline.
>>> o CRISP Charter -> less prominent
>>>   This is important, but I'm not sure if it needs to be almost
>>>   at the top of the page. Maybe it should be moved down or
>>>   shifted to a separate page?
>>> o CRISP Team members  -> less prominent
>>>   Again, important, but maybe that should be shifted to under
>>>   the information that is directly relevant to those who want
>>>   to participate in the process?
>> I agree both the above information can go lower in the page, or a
>> seperate page.
>>> I realise that these might sound like rather detailed comments. But I think it is important that we
>>> a) Make it as easy as possible for people to find the right information and provide their input
>>> b) Leave a clear public archive of the process that show that we have done our job properly and in a transparent manner.
>>> I am getting a few questions from members in the community about how, what, when and where, which indicates to me that maybe it's not all clear to everyone.
>>> Happy to hear your thoughts on this!
>> Thank you for raising this.  As mentioned I agree with your reasoning,
>> especially from the fact you are getting questions.
>> Izumi
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