[CRISP-TEAM] Agenda for the 10th call

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Jan 9 11:22:18 CET 2015


This is the draft agenda for today's call, at UTC13:00 9th Jan.

It's not a must to disucuss agenda item 6 today.

We are receiving e-mail inputs for item 5, so hopefully not as bad as it

I'll send this to the IANAXFER list shortly but still feel free to add
anything else.

1. Agenda Review

2. Actions Review
 a. Minutes
 b. Announcements to relevant stakeholders

3. Confirm pending issues
 a. LACNIC region chart
 b. Numbering scheme in Section III
 c. Possibility of reformatting Section III
 d. PDF of issues list
 e. CRISP Website improvements

4. Confirm comments received
 a. Each RIR region
 b. Global list

5. CRISP Team position per issue
 a. More details of dispute resolution
 b. Reflect low input in RIR processes Section VI
 c. Option of having NRO as an operator
 d. Change in ICANN Bylaws for global PDP
 e. SLA text is a must to approve the proposal
 f. No of past arbitration cases: to backup the proposal
 g. How to know whether arbitration works
 h. Editorial comments (Link, LACNIC region coverage)

6. Preparation for the final draft
 a. Who will take care of which section
 b. Timeline of each preparation phase
 c. Time to submit to ICG
 d. Updating issues list

7. Next Meeting
 a. Reconfirm schedule of future CRISP Calls
 b. Date of the 11th Call

8. AOB


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