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Mwendwa Kivuva Kivuva at transworldafrica.com
Fri Jan 9 07:19:21 CET 2015

On 9 January 2015 at 00:48, Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:

> 3) Why the option of having NRO as an operator is not considered
>  - He says some support was expressed for this option in some RIR lists
>    Any region which observed this?
>    (I don't this was the case in the APNIC region. It may be possible
>    someone outside the region may have mention which I overlooked but
>    certainly not a level of notable support or a recognition.)
>  - He also asks for providing a reason why CRISP Team hasn't considered
>    this option. What are your thoughts?

AFRINIC region too did not discuss having NRO as an operator but was
satisfied with the work of ICANN. The challenge of having NRO as an
operator and giving the IANA duties to one of the 5 RIRs will bring
disputes in our respective regions on which region is appropriate for this
task. This would be a very hard decision to reach consensus. It would also
raise major accountability issues. We should also tell him the work of
CRISP is compile community feedback that has reached consensus from the 5

Mwendwa Kivuva, Nairobi, Kenya

"There are some men who lift the age they inhabit, till all men walk on
higher ground in that lifetime." - Maxwell Anderson
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