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Thank you Alan,

I don¹t see this as a controversial point and will include in the text
unless I hear any objection in the next five minutes.

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On 1/8/15, 10:18 AM, "Alan Barrett" <apb at cequrux.com> wrote:

>On Thu, 08 Jan 2015, Alan Barrett wrote:
>>I suggest to add a new paragraph at the end of section III.A.4, saying
>>   The Review Committee should be a team composed of
>>   representatives from each RIR region.
>No!  I meant "suitably qualified" representatives.
>Then the entire section would read:
>II.A.4. Establishment of a Review Committee
>To ensure the service level defined in the proposed contract is
>maintained and provided by the IANA functions operator, the NRO EC
>will conduct periodic reviews of the service level of the IANA number
>resource functions that serves each RIR and their respective
>The NRO EC shall establish a Review Committee that will advise and
>assist the NRO EC in its periodic review. The Review Committee will,
>as needed, undertake a review of the level of service received from
>the IANA functions operator and report to the NRO EC any concerns
>regarding the performance of the IANA functions operator, including
>especially any observed failure or near-failure by the IANA functions
>operator to meet its contractual obligations under the proposed
>contract. Any such Review Committee will advise the NRO EC in its
>capacity solely to oversee the performance of the IANA number resource
>functions and the Review Committee¹s advice and comment will be
>limited to the processes followed in the IANA functions operator¹s
>performance under the proposed contract. Activities of the Review
>Committee shall be conducted in an open and transparent manner.
>Reports from the Review Committee shall be published.
>The Review Committee should be a team composed of suitably qualified
>representatives from each RIR region.

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