[CRISP-TEAM] Updated spreadsheet

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Jan 8 16:03:03 CET 2015

Thanks Alan, very helpful.

For row E18,

I think we can delete "Discussed again on 8 Jan 2015, agreed to focus on
high level considerations, so this low level detail was removed."

Because the summary says:

"Review committee members should be selected by RIR communities,
similarly to NRO-NC/ASO-AC. They should not be appointed by NRO-EC."

and sufficient with:
""Completed. Discussed at the 8th call (5 Jan 2015). Agreed that the
process should be similar to apointment of NRO-NC/ASO-AC members.

See Section III ""Establishment of a Review Committee."""

(i.e., it doesn't appear to suggest low level details.)

Attached is the update version. Let me know if you have concerns.


On 2015/01/08 23:51, Alan Barrett wrote:
> I have edited the spreadsheet to reflect the fact that we removed some
> details about the Review Team.
> I started with the document from 
> <https://www.nro.net/wp-content/uploads/NRODiscussionList_20150108.xlsx>, then 
> I edited it with change tracking, and saved it as 
> NRODiscussionList_20150108.2.redline.xlsx.  I attach the result.
> After people check it, I think we should post it on the web page
> (but probably "accept all changes" and save it in a clean form).
> --apb (Alan Barrett)
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