Nurani Nimpuno nurani at netnod.se
Thu Jan 8 13:47:47 CET 2015


I looked back through the records and understand better now why there is confusion about Section III. 

I believe one of the sources of the confusion on section III is that there was one final version on this section sent out by Paul yesterday (CRISP-IANA-SLA-Section III final text - Nurani Paul.docx), based on the latest discussions in the yesterday's call. But there was also partly new text produced by Alan in a separate document, trying to address a separate set of concerns, sent by him to the list.

There was probably some failure in communication between us, which resulted in different texts, not properly merged and considered together as one whole text. 

Michael's final text is a combination of the two as those were the instructions he received. 

I don't think there is substantial disagreement between us, we simply need to work out the details, so we can look at one final internally consistent text. 


On 8 jan 2015, at 13:15, Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:

> I think we have no more time to resolve this.
> My suggestion is to keep the text sent by Michael for this, if there is
> no agreement at this stage.
> Izumi

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