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Hello All,

Thanks for bringing these point up. I have some suggestions below:

On 1/8/15 11:22 AM, Izumi Okutani wrote:
> Alan, Michael and all,
> On 2015/01/08 17:43, Alan Barrett wrote:
>> Thank you very much, Michael, for consolidating all the changes into 
>> this document.
>> I believe that all the changes that I proposed have been incorporated.
>> I have the following comments and suggestions:
>> 1. A change to section III.A no longer makes sense.
>> A re-write of parts of section III.A mean that this paragraph no longer 
>> fits in its current position just before III.A.4:
>> [[[
>> While there are no concrete needs or plans at this point, the NRO EC may 
>> in the future determine that the IANA functions related to number 
>> resources should be transferred to a different contractor. In such a 
>> case, selection of a new contractor shall be conducted in a fair, open 
>> and transparent process, in line with applicable industry best practices 
>> and standards.  Associated requests for proposals, responses, and the 
>> contract itself, shall be published.
>> ]]]
>> I think that this paragraph can be removed, because the ideas in this 
>> paragraph are adequately captured under "viii. Continuity of 
>> Operations", but I'd like confirmation from others.
> I agree it looks odd in where it's place but I have concerns about
> simply deleting it.
> This was added to address a point made on the IANAXFER list, and the
> CRISP Team agreed to incorporate. We have to reconsider why we haven't
> incoroprated this feedback if we delete.
> My suggestion is to move to the last paragraph of III.A I, as initially
> suggested on the ML, or we address this in the editorial version, if
> this idea is supported.

I think we can have a compromise here... I suggest removeing the last
sentence of this text and agree that we can move it up to the last
paragraph of III.A.I as Izumi suggests. That way we keep it high level
as we have many times agreed on the calls.

I have one other point I would like to raise. Section III.A.4 -
Establishment of a Review Committee - I see alot of new text that goes
into detail. I remember agreeing on the call to keep this high level and
a matter for the RIR CEOs and Boards to administer in detail. Plus, this
text is different from the text I have been circulating on section III.
Can we revert to the text that appears in the revisions that Nurani and
I have been sending in?

I have attached the document again for your reference and use.

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