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Hello everyone,

Thank you for all of the great feedback and comments.  I have caught up on
the emails sent over the past couple of hours and am incorporating changes
into the draft now. I will circulate an updated version ASAP. If you have
any questions, please let me know.


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On 1/8/15, 6:38 AM, "Alan Barrett" <apb at cequrux.com> wrote:

>On Thu, 08 Jan 2015, Izumi Okutani wrote:
>>On 2015/01/08 17:43, Alan Barrett wrote:
>>> 1. A change to section III.A no longer makes sense.
>>> A re-write of parts of section III.A mean that this paragraph no longer
>>> fits in its current position just before III.A.4:
>>> [[[
>>> While there are no concrete needs or plans at this point, the NRO EC
>>> in the future determine that the IANA functions related to number
>>> resources should be transferred to a different contractor. In such a
>>> case, selection of a new contractor shall be conducted in a fair, open
>>> and transparent process, in line with applicable industry best
>>> and standards.  Associated requests for proposals, responses, and the
>>> contract itself, shall be published.
>>> ]]]
>>> I think that this paragraph can be removed, because the ideas in this
>>> paragraph are adequately captured under "viii. Continuity of
>>> Operations", but I'd like confirmation from others.
>>I agree it looks odd in where it's place but I have concerns about
>>simply deleting it.
>>This was added to address a point made on the IANAXFER list, and the
>>CRISP Team agreed to incorporate. We have to reconsider why we haven't
>>incoroprated this feedback if we delete.
>I thought that other parts of III.A.3 adequately addressed the comment
>that had been made.
>>My suggestion is to move to the last paragraph of III.A I, as initially
>>suggested on the ML, or we address this in the editorial version, if
>>this idea is supported.
>Moving that paragraph to ene end of III.A.1 is OK for me.
>>> 2. Diagram in section VI.E.
>>> I think that we should publish a text version of the document, and
>>> others might want to publish translations of the document, but the
>>> diagram in section "VI.E LACNIC regional process" makes that difficult.
>>> Could we replace the diagram with a textual description?
>>If this could be done quickly I'm OK.
>>(I see you are offering to work on it, so I think it's fine)
>My offer to work on it was hours ago.  I did not receive the .docx
>file so I did not work on it.  There's now not enough time.  I
>think we should defer this issueuntil after the second draft is
>--apb (Alan Barrett)
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