[CRISP-TEAM] Comment requested : Handling of Editorial changes needed

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Jan 8 11:40:53 CET 2015


Michael has reflected all text changes suggested.

However, from looking at the whole proposal, I got the impression that
it was difficult to catch the essence of our proposal elements in
Section III, as we added more details to each of the elements.

I strongly feel it's important we address this before we submit to the
ICG , as we should be clear and understanable about what we are proposing.

On the other hand, we may be too short of time to do this work before
our target at UTC13:00 8th Jan.

My suggestion is, release this draft based on Michael's draft and follow
up with edited version, as we did for the first proposal.

What are your thoughts?

 - I did not observe any confusion when we did it for the first draft.
 - The possible downside of it is, we are really short of time until
   comment deadline of the second draft, so we'll have to release it
 - Possible alternative is, to postpone the time of the release of the
   second draft but I'm not sure if additional few hours would help.

I'll send a draft of the changes I thought were necessary, so you can
make a better judgement.


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