[CRISP-TEAM] Next CRISP Call: Suggestion to change from 8th --> 9th Jan

German Valdez german at nro.net
Thu Jan 8 10:31:38 CET 2015

Hi Izumi

I sent the invitation for tomorrow to the ianaxfer and crisp list.

We are ready to provide as much as support is needed, just in exceptional cases like yesterday teleconference where I already have a commitment to participate of the ASO AC monthly call I have to improvise in the support to the group. 

I understand the reasons for changes, my concern there is that constant changes could cause confusion and prevent the participation of observers in the CRISP Team calls. 



> On 8 Jan 2015, at 2:47 pm, Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
> CRISP Team and German,
> We discussed at the last call not have the call on 8th Jan.
> I realise we stopped there and I didn't confirm the next call date.
> (I keep missing this agenda item!)
> I would like to suggest we have a meeting on Fri 9th Jan.
> German, may I confirm with you whether this change could be accomodated?
> It's sufficient if the same arrangement can be made as the 9th call
> which was also unscheduled.
> Apologies for being irregular consequetively about the meeting schedule.
> I hope you understand this is for effective working by the Team, and
> this doesn't cause too much issues for NRO Secretariat.
> - The next meeting currently listed on the Timeline is Mon 12th
>   I feel this may not be enough to discuss all issues to prepare our
>   final draft.
> - The reason for cancelling 8th is, we will just have published the
>   announcement for 2nd draft, and no comments received to consider.
>   i.e,  no substantial issue to discuss at that point
>   (Another reason initially mentioned was use this time to work on
>    2nd draft. However publishing after UTC13:00 is too late for many
>    economies in APNIC region - late evenings/change in date.)
> Regards,
> Izumi
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