Alan Barrett apb at cequrux.com
Thu Jan 8 09:58:21 CET 2015

On Thu, 08 Jan 2015, Michael Abejuela wrote:
> I also proposed a numbering scheme that may or may not seem 
> awkward to some but appreciate any feedback on this item as 
> well.

Your numbering scheme is fine.  I usually prefer hierarchical 
arabic numbers, like "1.2.3", but the RFP that we had to work from 
already uses roman and alphabetic numbering for the first two 
levels, so we have to stick with that.

I might prefer to break long sub-sections into smaller 
sub-sub-sections with another level of numbering, but that's not 

> One editorial item I did incorporate but ask for your comment 
> or approval is in the section now labeled II.B.3.ii Regional 
> Internet Registries – second paragraph, last sentence where I 
> have removed “specific funding or operational resolutions” 
> and in its place put “matters related to the respective 
> RIR.”  I made this language more general to be in line with my 
> understanding of all the RIRs and to avoid any confusion that 
> there are specific funding or operational resolutions for which 
> members cast votes on a regular basis.

That's fine.

> p.s.  One item I recall there being a removal of text had to 
> do with the discussion of the issue of how detailed provisions 
> about the contract would be included but I did not remove any 
> such text.  It may have already been addressed in the edits but 
> I wanted to confirm with the team just in case.  Thanks.

I am not sure which text you are referring to.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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