[CRISP-TEAM] Action list before UTC3:00 8th Jan

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Jan 7 17:07:23 CET 2015


These are the list of actions before UTC3:00 8th Jan.

* IRP: (Andrei)
  - to update comments from Alan and Izumi, send to CRISP ML

* Contract: (Paul & Nurani)
  - remove fixed term, to reflect high level principles for term
    renewal and SLA review

  [Done] "SLA Principles - Final text - section III"

* Provide feedback on suggestions:  (CRISP Team)
  - "Issues left for confirmation on the ML", if there are issues you
    want to comment
  - Other issues with text suggestions

* Review draft Announcement: (Izumi)
  - Give it a message that this is the final confirmation

* Update issues status list: (Izumi)
  - Reflect the discussions at the 9th call

* List text suggestions to be incorporate: (Izumi)
   - For Michael's reference

Other pending actions to be completed before UTC7:00
  - Update Section VI: (ARIN region)
  - Version control of the drafts (NRO Secretariat)

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