[CRISP-TEAM] CRISP proposal Section VI. Community Process

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Thank you for the suggestion and we are happy to take the pen so you can close out your day in Europe (we are just starting!).

Thank you for all the assistance with the text,

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Subject: Re: [CRISP-TEAM] CRISP proposal Section VI. Community Process

Dear colleagues,

Please find enclosed a new version (v 1.3) incorporating the LACNIC process text (and the additional.

LACNIC CRISP Team members, could I ask you to please take an extra look at this text to see if it correctly reflects the LACNIC process?

ARIN CRISP Team members, please feel free to add your ARIN processes directly in the document, keeping "track changes" in. It might be an easier way of moving forward as I don't think the whole CRISP team needs to review your part as you know it best. Also, we will soon reach the end of our day here in Europe, so I'm happy for you to take over the pen. Hope you are happy with this approach!

Thank you,


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