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Dear Crisp Team

Hi! Below follows the LACNIC’s community process to be added to the Proposal Draft.



The LACNIC community developed a consultative process launched on August 15th 2014, with a public teleconference. In that opportunity LACNIC’s CEO explained the methodology, the expected timeline and the consultation scope. The public consultation process had as a primary goal to obtain the regional community's input with a view to shaping the multistakeholder debate on the transition of stewardship of the IANA functions in Latin America and the Caribbean, taking into account regional points of view, concerns, suggestions and/or recommendations regarding this transition, specifically as it concerns IP address assignment.

From that starting point, three representatives from the community guided the regional debate: http://www.lacnic.net/en/web/transicion/representantes <http://www.lacnic.net/en/web/transicion/representantes> 

Contributions were received on the internet-gov at lacnic.net <mailto:internet-gov at lacnic.net> mailing list.   

Timeline for discussion:

During the thirty-day period (August 15 to September 15), open discussion was held. After that moderators prepared a first draft, a preliminary Transition Document summarizing all contributions and discussions.

The first Transition Document was presented in September 23. Another thirty- (30) day period started for the community to comment, ending on October 24th.

Within the framework of the LACNIC22 meeting held on 27-31 October in the city of Santiago, Chile, two (2) sessions were scheduled for discussing the first preliminary version of the Transition Document. After these two (2) sessions, a second version of the Transition Document was drafted.

The consultative process included two panel sessions during the LACNIC 22 meeting in Santiago the Chile (October 28th 2014). The first panel session was to share information about the global IANA’s oversight transition process and the work done by communities involved (names, numbers, and protocols) and the second was to discuss the main proposals on the mailing list, in order to draft a LACNIC’s community proposal.
During the panels, with strong participation of the community, the LACNIC’s community proposal was shaped.  

After these panels, there was time until November 15th 2014 for the community to present additional comments. Once this step was accomplished the proposal was filed to LACNIC’s Board of Directors and after its approval to the CRISP Team. 

The final result of the Consultation at LACNIC Community:   http://www.lacnic.net/en/web/transicion/resultado-consulta-publica <http://www.lacnic.net/en/web/transicion/resultado-consulta-publica> 

The list internet-gov at lacnic.net <mailto:internet-gov at lacnic.net> is still open for regional discussions until the closure of the comments set by the CRISP Team on 12th Jan 2015.

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