[CRISP-TEAM] CRISP proposal Section VI. Community Process

Craig Ng craig at apnic.net
Wed Jan 7 07:56:26 CET 2015

Thanks very much Nurani.

Please use the text below for paragraph 2 of your comments below, for
APNIC's description of the CRISP team selection process.


On 23 October 2014, through a post to the APNIC IANAxfer mailing list,
APNIC sought volunteers from the Asia Pacific community to nominate to
join the CRISP team. The nominees were asked to provide information about
their qualifications and interest to the APNIC Executive Council for its
consideration. The nomination period was open for two weeks. On 12
November 2014, the APNIC Executive Council appointed Izumi Okutani and
Dr Govind as its CRISP community members, and Craig Ng as its non-voting
staff member to the CRISP team.

The information was also posted on APNIC's IANA oversight transition

APNIC EC announces CRISP Team appointees
APNIC EC seeks nominations for CRISP Team


On 7/01/2015 9:16 am, "Nurani Nimpuno" <nurani at netnod.se> wrote:

>Dear colleagues,
>Please find attached an updated text for Section VI. Community Process.
>I have incorporated the points that Izumi sent me, but due to timezone
>differences she hasn't been able to review this draft before circulation.
>We agreed that we should prioritise circulating the draft within the team
>as soon as possible, given the short timeline.
>I have enabled track changes so it is easy to review the changes.
>Three quick comments:
>1. I have not touched the sections that describe each RIR's process,
>apart from some very minor tidying.
>2. Please note that both the AfriNIC and APNIC texts need to include a
>short description of the CRISP team selection process.
>3. The LACNIC and ARIN processes should be inserted. (Please don't forget
>to include the CRISP team selection process for your region.)
>Kind regards,
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