[CRISP-TEAM] Please check: Latest Issues status & Next Steps for CRISP Team

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Mon Jan 5 17:19:42 CET 2015


This is an updated version of the issues status list based on
discussions at the 8th call.

 - Letters in red are updates based on the 8th call
 - Columns in grey are completed issues

Please check the Suggested Actions, especially on the issues you
volunteed. Let me know if it needs any corrections.

I wasn't able to find your post to IANAXFER list on "Policy vs

Would you help me confirm whether you have posted already?

German and NRO Team,

If no further feedback within the next 12 hours, would you help me post
"NRODiscussionList_20150106.xlsx" on the NRO list?

(Seperate as the meeting material of the 8th call  -  this is the
official status update of CRISP Team without Actions suggested and
Volunteers columns, which is for internal references only)


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