[CRISP-TEAM] Issues to follow up for the 8th call

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Mon Jan 5 10:47:52 CET 2015


I expect we have a lot to work this week to prepare for the 2nd draft to
be published on 8th Jan.

To make efficiet use of the time at the coming 8th call, I'd like to
discuss issues listed in 4 & 5, and leave other issues for discussions
on the ML as much as possible.

 - Issues listed in 5:
   Please take a look  and let me know if there are any issues you wish
   to discuss at the call today.

 - 1. and 2.:
   If status could be shared in advance on the mailing list, it would
   be helpful in smooth running of the call.

1.  Actions Review
    - Status of a-c listed for the 8th call
    --> NRO Secretariat

2.  Feedback from each RIR region
    - Please share on the list if there are discussions in your region
      No need to share if there are no discussions.

3.  Status of Issues discussed at the 7th call
    (to be discussed at the 8th call)
     - IPR: Move on to draft sentences in the proposal to ICG
     - Contract:Anything else to add to the draft shared by Paul?
                How we incorporate it in the 2nd draft?
     - Review Commitee : What would be the elements to list in
                         the proposal to ICG?
       e.g.,There is a specific suggestion about its composition.

4. Issues not yes discussed
    (to be discussed at the 8th call)
    - Details of the Review Process
    - RIR Accountability
    - How CRISP Team determines consensus for the final draft

5. Issues calling for comments on the CRISP ML (until UTC13:00 6th Jan)
   In my opinion, we don't need to share CRISP Team decision as a
   seperate thread on IANAXFER list for issues below.

   My suggestion is to reflect our decision on the spreadsheet and
   share on the NRO Website to be confirmed by the community.
   Let me know if you have other thoughts.

   You can search thread by issue titles listed here:

    - delegation of IN-ADDR.ARPA and IP6.ARPA DNS trees
      --> Reflect Alan's text on IANAXFER list on the 2nd draft

    - V NTIA Requirements
      --> Relect Nurani's text in the 2nd draft if no comments

    - Need to change existing MoUs (NRO & ASO MoUs )
      --> Reflect the suggested approach by Izumi on spread sheet as
          CRISP Team Status if no comments

    - Suggestion about change in global PDP
      --> Case closed on IANAXFER list
      --> See summarized principles by Izumi
          (While this issue is closed, feedback welcome if you disagree
           on any points)

    - Editorial suggestions (From Filiz)
      --> Reflect in the 2nd draft if no comments

    - Real-time events to facilitate discussion
      --> Refect on spreadsheet no consensus in CRISP Team
          (Please review CRISP Team status if this is a fair summary)

6. Waiting for draft
    - Section VI: ARIN and LACNIC process
    - Section VI: Reflect global process


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