[CRISP-TEAM] Summary of updated issues

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Jan 2 19:41:29 CET 2015


Thank you very much in voluteering to continue working to keep the
issues list upto date.

Just as a recap on the issues to be update since the 7th call :

 - We covered issues below at the 7th call
   Review process on IANA function
   Real-time events to facilitate discussion
 - Nurani has shared her draft for Section V NTIA requirements
 - Izumi is the  Volunteer to work on Section VI (Describe the global
process in Section VI.)
 - Andrei has shared CRISP Team's position on IPR issues
 - Post the 2nd draft to the mailing list within an email in text format
   Done for the edited version : will do the same for the 2nd version

I may be missing some points so I'd appreciate it if you could double
check. Please let me know if you have questions/need clarifications
about status of any issues.

Once you have the lastest list, please share to nro secretariat alias
cced in this e-mail in addition to CRISP Team, so that they can post it
on the NRO website.

Thank you once again.


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