[CRISP-TEAM] Response to ICG question re IANA trademark and domain

Alan Barrett apb at cequrux.com
Thu Feb 12 11:59:03 CET 2015

Izumi and I have met with Russ Housley and Jari Arkko of the IETF.

We think that there is no incompatibility between the proposals 
from the numbers community (CRISP) and the protocol parameters 
community (IETF).  Accordingly, we think that there is no need to 
change the proposal from the numbers community.

The IETF is still discussing the issue, but it seems likely 
that they will not object to transfer of the IANA trademark and 
IANA.ORG domain name from ICANN to the IETF Trust.

If there is agreement from the IETF, then it is likely that the 
IETF Trust will accept custody of the IANS trademark and IANA.ORG 
domain name.

Steve Crocker (chair of the ICANN Board) has indicated that the 
ICANN Board has no fundamental objection to transferring the 
trademark and domain name, but there are subtleties that would 
have to be worked out.

I suggest that we send the above points to our community.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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