[CRISP-TEAM] Fwd: Re: [Ianaplan] Question from the ICG

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Tue Feb 10 21:47:29 CET 2015


Alan Barrett wrote on 10/02/15 20:30:
>> 3. discuss within the CRISP team to summarize the situation, to prepare
>> to consult with the community (it is not a decision)
> I think that we need to ask the community much sooner.  That's why I had
> it as the very first step in my proposal.
> There needs to be community input in parallel with whatever discussions
> we have with the IETF and IETF Trust.

It is not clear to me what community input we would be asking for. We
should certainly inform the community of the developments, but unless we
have to reconcile our proposal with the IETF one, and subsequently
modify our proposal, what input do we need?

The RIR community stated their expectations and preferences. If the IETF
Trust is willing to meet them with the support of the IETF community - I
am not sure what else needs to be done from our side.

It seems to me that it very much depends on the IETF trust/IETF
community response. Perhaps we should wait a bit to see how incompatible
the proposals first.


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