[CRISP-TEAM] Notes CRISP Team 9th Teleconference

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Feb 5 12:14:05 CET 2015

Dear German,

Thank you for the notes. Very good summary.

I just have minor comments:

I have minor points such as Sean --> Seun
5a. coudl --> could
last sentence of 5a: postponed --> posted

This is the conclusion of the meeting described in the notes.
I would like to highlight this and you confirm as they are key and 
important positions of the CRISP Team.

  RIR Review Committee: The process should be defined by the community 
before the transition
  SLA: Out of scope of the CRISP Team and reponsiblity of the NRO EC
  SLA details: Stick to the high level princples, including termination 
clause. On termination clause, the high level principles should refelct 
that RIR communities are in control of the contract.


On 2015/02/05 9:07, German Valdez wrote:
> Dear CRISP Team
> I���m attaching notes of the 9th teleconference for your perusal
> Given that the ICG meeting is tomorrow I agreed with Izumi to upload notes now and replace it with a second version based on your comments.
> regards
> German
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