[CRISP-TEAM] Notes from the IPR call among the three Operational Communities

Janvier Noulaye jnoulaye at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 12:40:11 CET 2015

Thank you Izumi,
I just wanted to point out one thing on section 4, II) .... *Stage two
(complete implementation on IPR)*
We should  perhaps frame this task with an implementation schedule, and to
clarify the necessary prerequis at this stage ?

Best wishes
Janvier Ngnoulaye

2015-12-02 4:06 GMT+01:00 Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp>:

> CRISP Team,
> Below are the notes of the last call on IPR we had among the leaders of
> the three operational communities.
> They are basically more details of what I had updated in the last CRISP
> call.
> Any questions/comments on discussions at the last call or how we are
> proceeding are welcome.
> At this stage, we are still discussing to agreeing on timelines and the
> framework of how we work together, for us to be able to coordinate to reach
> an agreement on the IPR principles and framework.
> From the numbers, we are suggesting to agree on the principles and
> framework before the submission of the ICG proposal to the NTIA, and
> complete implementation of the IPR before the transition.
> Once in the implementation phase, Nurani and I will be participating as
> observers: to comment if needed on whether a certain implementation plan
> would be consistent with the proposal.
> At this stage, we are not there yet, so both of us are still relatively
> active to facilitate the discussions, while planning to hand the
> responsibility over to the RIRs as we move closer to implementation.
> Nurani, please feel free to add anything else!
> Izumi
> ----
> IPR call among the three Operational Communities
> Wed 25th Nov UTC12:00-12:55
> [Participants]
> Names    : Jonathan Robinson, Lise Fuhr
> Numbers  : Alan Barrett, Nurani Nimpuno, Paul Wilson, Izumi Okutani
> Protocols: Andrew Sullivan, Jari Arkko
> [Key Points]
> 1. Steps towards implementation:
> Suggested by Jari Arkko and supported by the participants
> * Work in two stages
> In first stage : to be driven between the 3 OCs to find an acceptable
> framework
> In second stage: the IPR matter is take to the OC and ICANN lawyers for an
> implementation that framework.
> * The implementation effort is not a place to rethink or renegotiate
> results of community or ICG proposals
> 2. Update from the CWG:
> DT-IPR Intellectual Property Rights
> https://community.icann.org/display/gnsocwgdtstwrdshp/DT-IPR++Intellectual+P
> roperty+Rights
> * A team dedicated to discuss IPR implementation has been set up
> (lead by Greg Shatan)
> - The team does not make final decisions
>   It is to make progress in considerations, to then be discussed and
> finalised in the CWG
> - There is strong recognition of a need to work in timely manner
> - Having additional members including IP and Trust expert(s) may be
> helpful but work is well underway
> * Draft on IPR considerations by the CWG IPR team is under development
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZGSlKj-JSXe4T0wWv-hN6srDVOwhRJvQZzRpkGAA
> Pk8/edit?usp=sharing
> * An additional issue which has not been raised: financing of the holder
> of the IPR
> - The entity holding the IPR will need some funds / funding in order to
> be able to properly hold and maintain the IPR
> - The IETF Trust will be able to accommodate financing, if the IETF Trust
> becomes the holder (Clarified by Jari)
> 3. Way Forward:
> * Key events to keep in mind towards implementation:
> - Submission of the proposal to the NTIA (although resolution of the IPR
> location is not a pre-requisite to submission) and
> - Expiry the IANA contract
> * Components to agree for 3 OCs to work together:
> - Timelines
> - Communication (information sharing of status)
> - Coordination (in discussing issues)
> * Need for stronger coordination among the three operational communities
> - An idea was shared to establish a way to coordinate among the three
> operational communities, in parallel to discussions in IPR Team in the CWG
> - An observation was made, that there is a room for leaders from the three
> communities to lead on setting the framework on how we work
> - More to be discussed at the future call
> * The three communities need to be in sync in the scope of work at each
> phase
> - Observations were made that there is no need for the IPR Team in the CWG
> to solve all details of implementation at this stage
> - The CWG DT to focus on high level principles and requirements. It is
> anticipated that this will help the three OCs to move forward constructively
> and converge. A CWG Co-Chair shared an observation this is a constructive
> way forward.
> 4. Suggestion: (Not discussed at the call)
>    i. Arrange the next call in two weeks time
>        - Will set up a doodle poll
>    ii. By the next call, seek for feedback from each OCs:
>        - Whether syncing key dates with work needed as below can be agreed
>       [Milestones to target completion of work by three OCs]
>       Stage one (agree on principles and framework):
>       before the ICG & CCWG proposals submission to the NTIA (around Feb
> 2016)
>       Stage two (complete implementation on IPR)   :
>       before the IANA contract expiry (Sep 2016)
>      - CWG Chairs to share key points in the IPR discussions, on anything
> which needs coordination by the three OCs
>        Invitation open to Greg Shatan as the Chair of DT-IPR
>    iii. Move ahead with a Cross-OC group to make progress on this in a
> transparent and timely fashion
>       - Discussions online before the call on how we start, and discuss at
> the next call
> ----
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