[CRISP-TEAM] Notes from the IPR call among the three Operational Communities

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Dec 4 10:57:52 CET 2015

Thank you Andrei. It's a good question.

As you stage, as you say, the interpretation of "framework" is amgiguous. We should be clear about what we mean here.

As to your question, whether we have started discussing on a concrete framework, the answer is no (t yet).
We have mentioned in Dublin meeting with OC leaders, that the numbers community support the framework suggested on the IANAPLAN.
It's however not something which has formally been put on the table for discussions.

This could certainly be one concrete starting point. 

FYI, this is the lasted document the CWG's IPR Team is working on. While I am not directly involved, just from observing from the document, it looks like the CWG does not have a concrete plan or proposal about framework and listing a few questions/elements around it.



On 2015/12/04 18:34, Andrei Robachevsky wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you for these comprehensive update, Izumi.
> My main question is whether it is clear enough to all involved what a
> "framework" means? It is a pretty wide term and my worry that without
> breaking it down into concrete actionable items it is might be difficult
> to make quick progress.
> Also that might expose specific points of disagreement earlier in the
> process, which is very important, IMO.
> Or is there a concrete framework already being discussed? Is it the one
> proposed by the IETF Trust?
> Regards,
> Andrei
> Izumi Okutani wrote on 02/12/15 04:06:
>> CRISP Team,
>> Below are the notes of the last call on IPR we had among the leaders of the three operational communities.
>> They are basically more details of what I had updated in the last CRISP call.
>> Any questions/comments on discussions at the last call or how we are proceeding are welcome.
>> At this stage, we are still discussing to agreeing on timelines and the framework of how we work together, for us to be able to coordinate to reach an agreement on the IPR principles and framework.
>> From the numbers, we are suggesting to agree on the principles and framework before the submission of the ICG proposal to the NTIA, and complete implementation of the IPR before the transition.
>> Once in the implementation phase, Nurani and I will be participating as observers: to comment if needed on whether a certain implementation plan would be consistent with the proposal. 
>> At this stage, we are not there yet, so both of us are still relatively active to facilitate the discussions, while planning to hand the responsibility over to the RIRs as we move closer to implementation.
>> Nurani, please feel free to add anything else!
>> Izumi 
>> ----
>> IPR call among the three Operational Communities
>> Wed 25th Nov UTC12:00-12:55
>> [Participants] 
>> Names    : Jonathan Robinson, Lise Fuhr
>> Numbers  : Alan Barrett, Nurani Nimpuno, Paul Wilson, Izumi Okutani 
>> Protocols: Andrew Sullivan, Jari Arkko
>> [Key Points]
>> 1. Steps towards implementation: 
>> Suggested by Jari Arkko and supported by the participants
>> * Work in two stages
>> In first stage : to be driven between the 3 OCs to find an acceptable framework
>> In second stage: the IPR matter is take to the OC and ICANN lawyers for an implementation that framework. 
>> * The implementation effort is not a place to rethink or renegotiate results of community or ICG proposals
>> 2. Update from the CWG:
>> DT-IPR Intellectual Property Rights
>> https://community.icann.org/display/gnsocwgdtstwrdshp/DT-IPR++Intellectual+P
>> roperty+Rights
>> * A team dedicated to discuss IPR implementation has been set up 
>> (lead by Greg Shatan)
>> - The team does not make final decisions
>>   It is to make progress in considerations, to then be discussed and finalised in the CWG
>> - There is strong recognition of a need to work in timely manner
>> - Having additional members including IP and Trust expert(s) may be helpful but work is well underway
>> * Draft on IPR considerations by the CWG IPR team is under development
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZGSlKj-JSXe4T0wWv-hN6srDVOwhRJvQZzRpkGAA
>> Pk8/edit?usp=sharing
>> * An additional issue which has not been raised: financing of the holder of the IPR
>> - The entity holding the IPR will need some funds / funding in order to
>> be able to properly hold and maintain the IPR
>> - The IETF Trust will be able to accommodate financing, if the IETF Trust
>> becomes the holder (Clarified by Jari)
>> 3. Way Forward:
>> * Key events to keep in mind towards implementation: 
>> - Submission of the proposal to the NTIA (although resolution of the IPR
>> location is not a pre-requisite to submission) and 
>> - Expiry the IANA contract
>> * Components to agree for 3 OCs to work together: 
>> - Timelines
>> - Communication (information sharing of status) 
>> - Coordination (in discussing issues)
>> * Need for stronger coordination among the three operational communities
>> - An idea was shared to establish a way to coordinate among the three operational communities, in parallel to discussions in IPR Team in the CWG
>> - An observation was made, that there is a room for leaders from the three communities to lead on setting the framework on how we work
>> - More to be discussed at the future call
>> * The three communities need to be in sync in the scope of work at each phase
>> - Observations were made that there is no need for the IPR Team in the CWG to solve all details of implementation at this stage
>> - The CWG DT to focus on high level principles and requirements. It is anticipated that this will help the three OCs to move forward constructively
>> and converge. A CWG Co-Chair shared an observation this is a constructive way forward.
>> 4. Suggestion: (Not discussed at the call)
>>    i. Arrange the next call in two weeks time
>>        - Will set up a doodle poll
>>    ii. By the next call, seek for feedback from each OCs: 
>>        - Whether syncing key dates with work needed as below can be agreed
>>       [Milestones to target completion of work by three OCs]
>>       Stage one (agree on principles and framework): 
>>       before the ICG & CCWG proposals submission to the NTIA (around Feb 2016)
>>       Stage two (complete implementation on IPR)   : 
>>       before the IANA contract expiry (Sep 2016)
>>      - CWG Chairs to share key points in the IPR discussions, on anything which needs coordination by the three OCs
>>        Invitation open to Greg Shatan as the Chair of DT-IPR 
>>    iii. Move ahead with a Cross-OC group to make progress on this in a transparent and timely fashion
>>       - Discussions online before the call on how we start, and discuss at the next call
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