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>Hi all,
>I looked at questions 7, 8 and 9 and have included the text from the
>number community' proposal for each point below.
>Do we feel that this answers the ICG questions in a satisfactory manner,
>or do we want to give a broader answer on the combined proposal, based on
>all three communities¹ input?
>While I think we need to respond from a numbers¹ perspective, I feel it
>might be a little bit limited simply responding with our original text
>from the proposal. (If so, we might at least want to rephrase it.)

That was pretty much what I did for the Q5 & 6, rephrased wording from our
proposal and discussions as well.

>If we choose to comment on numbers part, I suggest we at least write a
>pre-amble, explaining this.
>What are your thoughts on this?
>Kind regards,
>Q7. Meets the needs and expectations of the global customers and partners
>of the IANA services
>The Internet Number Community is the customer of the Internet number
>resource IANA Numbering Services. The Internet Number Community has often
>expressed its satisfaction with the current management of the IANA
>Numbering Services, which have effectively implemented policies developed
>by the community and efficiently provided Numbering Services to the RIRs.
>This proposal has been developed by the Internet Number Community, as the
>customer of the IANA Numbering Services, and meets its need for
>continuity and stability in the operation of the IANA Numbering Services.
>It does this by solidifying the IANA Numbering Services Operator¹s
>accountability to the Internet Number Community.
>Q8. Maintains the openness of the Internet
>An open Internet relies on the effective implementation of policies
>developed via open, transparent, and bottom-up processes, ensuring the
>transparent and coordinated distribution and registration of Internet
>Number Resources. The Internet Number Community has a long-standing
>history of open, transparent, and bottom-up policy-making and operational
>processes (including the transparent publication of all registration
>information). By building on the structures developed by the Internet
>Number Community, this proposal ensures that in this regard the openness
>of the Internet is maintained.
>In addition, the proposed community Review Committee will ensure
>community involvement in the open and transparent evaluation of the IANA
>Numbering Services.
>Q9. Any concerns that the proposal is replacing NTIA's role with a
>government-led or inter-governmental organization solution
>The number community proposal does not replace the NTIA role with a
>government-led or an inter-governmental organization solution. This
>proposal places the RIRs in the role currently occupied by the NTIA. The
>RIRs are not-for- profit organizations, accountable to the community. The
>Internet Number Community is open to anyone who wishes to contribute and
>includes participants from all Internet stakeholder groups, including
>operators, civil society, business, the technical community, and
>governments. Open, community-driven, and consensus-based policy
>development processes mean that no single stakeholder group has a
>dominant role in policy-making.
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