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Thank you Bill.


Bill Woodcock wrote on 30/04/15 07:32:
> Response posted:
> http://www.internetgovernance.org/2015/04/28/icann-wants-an-iana-funct
>  "A few clarifications on behalf of the CRISP Team:
> First, the CRISP Team is not engaged in any negotiations, with
> ICANN or anyone else. That task belongs to the RIR legal team,
> which consists of one representative of the legal staff of each of
> the five RIRs. While the CRISP Team represents the whole global
> Numbers community, the RIR legal team represents the five RIRs, who
> would ultimately be the signatories to the Numbers SLA. The CRISP
> Team assembles the community’s position and principles, it doesn’t
> negotiate with ICANN.
> Second, the CRISP Team is not engaged in any “behind the scenes
> discussion.” All CRISP Team communications are on the public
> record. There is no CRISP Team communication happening which is not
> visible to everyone, in the crisp at nro.net mailing list archive and
> the call minutes.
> Third, please note that the session at the ARIN meeting consisted
> of several segments, only the first of which (the slides presented
> by John Sweeting) was CRISP Team communication. Michael Abejuela
> was speaking on behalf of the RIR legal team, which had been
> drafting the SLA based on the CRISP Team Principles. I spoke purely
> on my own behalf, of my own observations of the process and
> potential difficulties in arriving at a timely and favorable
> conclusion. Speaking on my own behalf, I was able to communicate a
> little more frankly than would have been appropriate for the CRISP
> Team to do.
> Those particulars aside, the rest of your description of the
> situation seems accurate to me. The IAB minutes that you cite are
> particularly worthy of note: that ICANN is _refusing to renew_ the
> MOU under which they provide Protocol Registry services to the
> IETF, because it contains a termination clause, I find very
> disturbing. I have to admit that if I were in the IETF’s shoes, I
> might very well just take ICANN at their word and go on my merry
> way, if they say they don’t want to renew the agreement."
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