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"A few clarifications on behalf of the CRISP Team:

First, the CRISP Team is not engaged in any negotiations, with ICANN or anyone else. That task belongs to the RIR legal team, which consists of one representative of the legal staff of each of the five RIRs. While the CRISP Team represents the whole global Numbers community, the RIR legal team represents the five RIRs, who would ultimately be the signatories to the Numbers SLA. The CRISP Team assembles the community’s position and principles, it doesn’t negotiate with ICANN.

Second, the CRISP Team is not engaged in any “behind the scenes discussion.” All CRISP Team communications are on the public record. There is no CRISP Team communication happening which is not visible to everyone, in the crisp at nro.net mailing list archive and the call minutes.

Third, please note that the session at the ARIN meeting consisted of several segments, only the first of which (the slides presented by John Sweeting) was CRISP Team communication. Michael Abejuela was speaking on behalf of the RIR legal team, which had been drafting the SLA based on the CRISP Team Principles. I spoke purely on my own behalf, of my own observations of the process and potential difficulties in arriving at a timely and favorable conclusion. Speaking on my own behalf, I was able to communicate a little more frankly than would have been appropriate for the CRISP Team to do.

Those particulars aside, the rest of your description of the situation seems accurate to me. The IAB minutes that you cite are particularly worthy of note: that ICANN is _refusing to renew_ the MOU under which they provide Protocol Registry services to the IETF, because it contains a termination clause, I find very disturbing. I have to admit that if I were in the IETF’s shoes, I might very well just take ICANN at their word and go on my merry way, if they say they don’t want to renew the agreement."

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