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On 4/23/15, 2:28 PM, "Sweeting, John" <john.sweeting at twcable.com> wrote:

>I totally support sharing it on the list as well as the content.
>On 4/23/15, 2:23 PM, "Izumi Okutani" <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>The meeting with GAO went well I think.
>>As highlights, below are the facts which were not initially recognized by
>>GAO and helped that we shared:
>> RIR Forum
>> - They weren't aware that RIRs are not just the registries but also
>>facilitating an open, inclusive bottom-up community
>>   Therefore, transitionining the stewardship of IANA Numbering Services
>>to RIRs mean that this numbering community in RIR forums, which anyone
>>can participate would be able to have their voices
>> PDP for Numbers are outside the ICANN
>> - ICANN forum and its community for policy development is focused on
>>names. Bottom up policy development for the Number Resources Community
>>takes place outside the ICANN, in the RIR forums.
>>   While the ICANN Board approves the global policies, this is at the
>>very last point of the PDP for the numbers and elements of their decision
>>making is minimal, such as ensuring the process was followed.
>>   ASO as the representatives of the each RIR regions provide advice to
>>ICANN Board in approval of the global policies.
>>   It should also be noted that global policies are limited only for
>>distribution from IANA to RIRs, and most pollicies are developed under
>>each RIR forums, independently, for distribution by RIRs to its
>>respective stakeholders
>>There was also a question related to ensuring accountability of the IANA
>>Numbering Services through the SLA - wouldn't the ability to terminate
>>the SLA lead to splitting of the IANA functions?
>>Are there other ways to address accountability before going to this
>>  - I explained that the idea is to have the community have this
>>possibility if we wish
>>  - There are clauses in the SLA which ensures the serive level be met
>>with specific points listed
>>  - ICANN has been providing the IANA Numbering Services to the RIRs for
>>over 20 years and the service level as been satisfactory
>>Other questions are based on what Nurani has shared on the CRISP Team ML
>>as the final version, with our reponses basically in line with what we
>>had written out (they were not submitted to GAO but as a reference for
>>our verbal reponses).
>>As the next steps:
>>We are planning to submit a written reponse to GAO to share accurate
>>information for the questions. We will share with the CRISP Team before
>>Nurani and I discussed that it would be helpful to share the complete
>>response from us with the global ianaxfer list as well, and possibily
>>publish it.
>>I think this would be good not just for transparency but anyone who are
>>not familiar with our community would be able to understand better about
>>the number resources community's involvement with IANA and our
>>observations on the stewardship transition.
>>Would be interested to hear your feedback, especially if you have other
>>thoughts on this.
>>On 2015/04/23 20:07, Nurani Nimpuno wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> In preparation of our conference call with the GAO today, Izumi and I
>>>further polished the answers to the questions provided by the GAO.
>>> Please find attached the final text.
>>> As we will have a conference call to discuss the questions, the
>>>document is merely a guide for our discussion.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Nurani
>>>> On 21 apr 2015, at 10:23, Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
>>>> Many thanks Nurani and thank you to ARIN and RIPE NCC for helping us
>>>>draft the response.
>>>> Attached are my suggested edits.
>>>> As a general observation, there was nothing in the responses which I
>>>>diagree but I felt some responses would work better if they were placed
>>>>in other parts and wasn't sure if we responded to all questions.
>>>> I therefore moved some of the responses and I added some additional
>>>>response to the parts which seemed to me that we haven't responded to
>>>>the questions.
>>>> CRISP Team,
>>>> I am happy to clarify on anything which is not clear in my edits/your
>>>>feedback is welcome especially on possible concerns.
>>>> Izumi
>>>> On 2015/04/20 18:03, Nurani Nimpuno wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> Please find attached draft text responding to the questions sent to
>>>>>us by the GAO.
>>>>> We have used a lot of the text that ARIN put out (thank you ARIN!)
>>>>>and the RIPE NCC offered to draft this text (thank you RIPE NCC!).
>>>>> Izumi and I have the call with the GAO on Thursday UTC 13.00 to
>>>>>provide the number community's response to their questions.
>>>>> We would welcome any comments, additions or corrections to the text
>>>>>that you have. Please provide your input to the list by tomorrow, Tue
>>>>>21st at 13.00 UTC.
>>>>> Kind regards,
>>>>> Nurani
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