[CRISP-TEAM] Slide Deck CRISP Proposal

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Apr 3 06:27:04 CEST 2015

Thank you German.

It looks great overall and re-listing my comments in text format:

P.7  Add "See SectionIII.A.4 of the proposal" (To be consistent with P.6)
P.9  NRO CRISP web page: https://www.nro.net/crisp-team (URL added: it's in the reference slides but good to have it in context)
P.13 Add URL of FAQ 

None are critical but I think they help people find information easier.

May be this is a matter of preference but two suggestions:

P.3  I prefer to see the bubble to be for each individual RIRs rather than logos to be in a single bubble,
     to be visually obvious there were five indivisual forums where discussions took place 
     (which is different from global platform reprensented by all RIR regions) 
P.4  RIRs and Review Committee look the same.
     Perhaps helps to have a different shape for Review Committee, to be clear Review Commitee is independent from RIRs.
     (e.g, a square shape instead of a circle... as just one example and doesn't have to stick to it)

Thanks again for developing the slides!


On 2015/04/02 23:06, German Valdez wrote:
> Hi
> For your perusal, Please find in attachment second version of slide deck for CRISP proposal presentation
> Please may I have your comments by Tuesday 7th COB,
> Thanks
> German
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