[CRISP-TEAM] Call for volunteers

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Dec 31 09:13:44 CET 2014

Thank you Michael, John. It's helpful to know that you are working on
the process for ARIN region.

Many thanks to Michael for agreeing to be responsible in incorporating
input into the full draft proposal text. It's been very helpful for the
initial draft and appreciat your offer for the second draft.


On 2014/12/30 22:58, Michael Abejuela wrote:
> Hi Izumi,
> John Sweeting and I are working on the text for the ARIN regional process.
>   We will circulate once it�s complete.  Also, I know we didn�t discuss
> this on the call, but as text for different sections of the proposal are
> prepared for the second draft, I am happy to remain the person holding the
> pen and responsible for incorporating into the full draft proposal text
> once items have been resolved by the team for inclusion.
> Thanks,
> -Michael

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