[CRISP-TEAM] [draft] NRO-NC role in Review Committee

Andres Piazza andres at lacnic.net
Tue Dec 30 15:15:01 CET 2014

Dear Alan,

I agree 100% with that answer. You can also add that the members of the 
Review Commitee should be appointed by the 5 communities and the final 
report should be considered as advice received by NRO-EC.

I believe it is important to stand out that the RIRs are eventually 
(NRO) the ones performing oversight (trought contract with IANA 
operator) but having the imput of a Independent Review Committee.


El 29/12/14 a las 18:34, Alan Barrett escribió:
> I volunteered to draft a response about this issue. The
> following text is my proposal for an answer we can give to the
> community.
> [[[
> Subject: NRO-NC role in Review Committee
> There has been a suggestion that the work of the "Review Committee" 
> proposed in the CRISP draft should be handled by the NRO-NC, or 
> alternatively, that the chair of the NRO-NC should be co-opted to 
> serve on the Review Committee.
> The CRISP Team believes that is would be wise to to keep the 
> operational performance review process independent of the policy 
> development process.  Because the NRO-NC (or ASO-AC) has a role in 
> global policy development, we think that the proposed Review Committee 
> should be independent of the NRO-NC.
> ]]]
> --apb (Alan Barrett)
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