[CRISP-TEAM] [draft] Contract details

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Tue Dec 30 08:49:12 CET 2014

Alan Barrett wrote on 30/12/14 07:07:

>  - provisions for a smooth transition to a different operator in the
>    future, including transfer of relevant IPR;

I think an orderly transition to another operator is the main concern
for the CRISP Team regarding this issue. As I mentioned on another
thread, the IETF specifically mentioned provisions C.7.3 and I.61 of the
current IANA functions contract between ICANN and the NTIA. We may also
want to spell this out.

I also suggest that we say "including transfer of relevant assets",
especially if we cover the IPR issues separately in the response.


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