[CRISP-TEAM] Decription about 'in-addr.arpa' and 'ip6.arpa' DNS trees" Fwd: [NRO-IANAXFER] Comments on CRISP proposal

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Tue Dec 30 07:34:42 CET 2014

That makes sense to me. Any other comments for the suggested text
"delegation of subdomains below the IN-ADDR.ARPA and IP6.ARPA domains"?

I'm personally happy with your suggestion Alan.
Since we are entering into holiday season again, let's give sometime for
feedback until the next call on 2nd. We confirm at the 7th call.

For interaction on the IANAXFER ML, if Alan or anyone else is willing
to,I think we can go ahead and explain the rationale behind the current
language on the IANAXFER ML, stating that we are discussing an
alternative language to make it more clear.

(This it not a controversial topic, and I don't see the need to wait for
CRISP Team's agreement on the interpretation of the language and
explaining the current situation.)


On 2014/12/30 14:55, Alan Barrett wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Dec 2014, Izumi Okutani wrote:
>> I would like to ask for volunteer to take a look and addres this comment
>> on 'in-addr.arpa' and 'ip6.arpa' DNS trees" for Section 1 (P.1 & 2).
>> (snip)
>> First, as a nit, on page 1, under "description of the service", it
>> mentions "delegation of the 'in-addr.arpa' and 'ip6.arpa' DNS trees".
>> Perhaps this means "delegation from"?  IANA doesn't delegate those two
>> names to any of the RIRs, but delegates spaces within them.  (I
>> suspect this is just an editorial nit, but it confused me on first
>> reading.)  There's a similar issue under "what registries", on p2, and
>> it's only really made clear in the "overlaps" section (also on p2).  I
>> am prepared to imagine that I'm the only person who was led astray by
>> this, and it's not a real big deal, but it might be nice to clarify.
>> (snip)
> I think we specifically said "delegation of the 'in-addr.arpa' and
> 'ip6.arpa' DNS trees" rather than "delegation of the ... domains"
> or "delegation of the ... zones", because we wanted to refer to the
> delegation of multiple subdomains within ip-addr.arpa and ip6.arpa, and
> the term "tree" encompasses all the subdomains, no matter how many zones
> are involved.  Perhaps it would be more clear to say "delegation of
> subdomains below the IN-ADDR.ARPA and IP6.ARPA domains".
> --apb (Alan Barrett)
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