[CRISP-TEAM] Call for volunteers

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Mon Dec 29 19:28:20 CET 2014


I'd like to call for volunteers on the issues below.

1. Additional Work on Section V. NTIA Requirements
 - Description in this Section is weak
   Anyone willing to work on this?

2. Volunteers for issues raised on NRO-IAXAFER:
 - gPDP
 - editing suggestions (including agreement/contract)

Let us know on the list if you are willing to help.

In addition, consulting indivisually:

There is one more comment related to Review Committee.
"The community of each RIR should elect a member while the chair of the
NRO-EC at any point in time will be co-opted to serve as the review team
(6 in total)."

Would you mind to consider how we address this comment as well, or would
it be too much for you to cover?

Team members from ARIN and LACNIC regions,
Please help us fill your community's process for Section VI


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