[CRISP-TEAM] 20141229 updated version Re: Tracking discussions on NRO-IANAXFER

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Mon Dec 29 19:14:04 CET 2014


This is an updated version of the tracking discussions on NRO-IAXAFER
list, reflecting discussions at the 6th call.

 - I added a column "Volunteer":
   so we know who is taking initiative in drafting the revision in the
   proposal to IGC, and communicating on the NRO-IAXAFER list.
 - I have not covered comments from JPNIC.
   I leave this to the rest of the CRISP Team members, including the
   status update.

John and Mwendwa,
I wasn't sure if you wouldn't mind to continue volunteering to keep the
list upto date, so I did it this time, but if you are willing to
volunteer, it would certainly be very helpful. Let us know how you feel.


On 2014/12/26 1:31, Izumi Okutani wrote:
> CRISP Team,
> I updated the latest status as attached.
> As discussed at the 5th call, this sheet is intended to be publish and
> share with  the community so they can confirm the status.
>> I think that tracking the thread title, and the dates of the postings,
>> would be useful.
> Thanks Alan for the feeback. I reflected this (John has included the
> date column in each spread sheet as well- thanks) and any other columns
> I felt as useful at this stage. I'd appreciate feedback from John and
> anyone else from CRISP team.
> One thing I'd like to consult is whether to have the column "Action(s)
> suggested in CRISP Team discussions" to be published for the communtity
> to see.
> Since this is just brain storming ideas to be put, rather than as
> official CRISP Team's actions, I wonder if it would confuse the
> communities than help, if we share this. What are your thoughts?
> Izumi

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