[CRISP-TEAM] Issue status list to be posted on the NRO Website

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Mon Dec 29 17:46:30 CET 2014

German and NRO Secretariat Team,

Would you help us post the attached list of issues status on the NRO

This is ready for posting on the website now, whenever you can work on
publishing, as the list is factual and there is nothing which needs to
coordinate opinions of CRISP Team.

As agreed at the 6th call, I deleted the column on "Suggested Action(s)
discussed in CRISP Team" to avoid confusion.
(This is for work status management purpose within CRISP Team not
 officially agreed action)

 - and hopefully, substantial number of the community members get to see
it before New Years holidays.


PS: I will send a issue status list which includes columns for work
purpose within CRISP Team, in a seperate e-mail.
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