[CRISP-TEAM] Draft Agenda for the 5th call

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Mon Dec 22 07:45:38 CET 2014


Please see the draft agenda below.

I'll post it on the ianaxfer at nro.net shortly but
comments/addition/changes are still welcome. (I can send the revised
version before the call)

Please also be prepared to share any discussions in your region at the
call today.


Draft Agenda

1. Agenda Review

2. Actions Review
   a. Minutes from the last meeting
   b. Draft of edited version based on the order of questions by RFP
      (Alan, Michael, Izumi)

3. Confirming comments for far
   a. On ianaxfer at nro.net
   d. From regional lists

4. Update on editorial version
   a. Draft by Alan, Michael and Izumi
   b. Next steps for this draft

5. How we work to incorporate comments
   a. Keeping records of new issue & our consideration status
   b. How we communicate to comments on the global ML
   c. Version control and avoiding confusion with the community
   d. Common Understanding

6. AOB

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