[CRISP-TEAM] Working on editing: reordering answers to match orders of questions

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Dec 18 18:26:15 CET 2014

Alan and Michael,

Thank you very much for volunteering to work on editing, to re-order
answers to match order of questions.

While this is is not light work, I would like to get this done at early
stage as much as possible because once we start receiving comments:

 1. It will confuse people whether changes are editorial, or
    incorporating comments
 2. A lot of our time will be taken up in reflecting comments

To start, I'd like to suggest we split 6 sections into threes and each
person reviews 2 sections.

This is a tentative suggestion on who covers which part - if there is a
set of Sections you feel strongly about, we can swap.

 Sections I & II     : Izumi
 Sections III and IV : Michael
 Sections V & VI     : Alan

Let's target to get this done before the next call UTC 13:00 22nd Dec,
so that we can share the draft with the whole team then.

We would want to merge our changes into one, so I suggest Alan and I
send our parts of revisions to Michael, if Michael doesn't mind
integrating them into a single revised draft.

Does this sound reasonable?
I'm open to other suggestions, including targeted deadline.


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