[CRISP-TEAM] Common Understanding & Clarifications

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Dec 18 08:57:30 CET 2014


As you will be explaining rationale behind CRISP Team proposal
within your regional communities, it probably helps to have a common
understanding among CRISP team.

This is the rationale I summarised based on observations of discussions
by the team. It is not intended to share this publicly, to just as a
reference for a common understanding among us.

* Please let me know if there is anything which is different
  from your undestanding, or wish to further clarify.

* Please raise questions if there is anything you are not clear about
  any proposal elements

For the purpose of preparing the proposal for tomorrow, there is no need
to clarify all questions at this stage, as long as people find it
acceptable about what is being proposed.


Summary of the current situation
 What will be affected by NTIA's announcement
  - NTIA will transfer stewardship on the IANA functions as defined in
    the IANA contract
  - AoC, between ICANN and the US goverment remains (not transfered)

Current RIR legal arrangements with ICANN
  - Global Policies: ASO MoU
    Dispute resolution mechanism by the thirty party is defined in the
    MoU, in case ICANN board is not accountable
  - IANA function services provided to RIRs
    No official legal document today: stewardship was considered to be
    maintained based on IANA contract by the US government

Proposed elements
 a. ICANN continues to be the operator of IANA
 b. Exchange SLA with ICANN on IANA number resources function
 c. Remove ICANN Board's approval on Global Policies
 d. Review Committee (Name to be decided)
    - NRO EC will conduct the review whether ICANN performs the IANA
      functios on numbers according to SLA
    - Review Commitee will provide advice to NRO EC as community
      representives to increase credibility of NRO EC's review, that it
      has taken in inputs from its communities
    - Members of the review committee will be selected from each RIR
      region, with simliar concept/scheme as CRISP Team
    - Review
    ## Needs confirmation from LACNIC region if this is correct ##

Rationale for proposed elements
 a. ICANN continues to be the operator of IANA
   - RIRs are satisfied with the current services by ICANN
   - Continuing with the current operator is desirable, if we are
     satisfied, for stability of the function

 b. Exchange SLA with ICANN on IANA number resources function
   - To clarify relationships that that RIRs are delegating operation
     of the IANA functions on number resources to ICANN
     (also consistent rationale with IETF's proposal)
   - Ensure our expected service level is maintained

 c. Remove ICANN Board's approval on Global Policies
    - Here, we need to be able to explain what part about Global
      Policies approval would be affected
      (NTIA doesn't play a role in the process)
    - Why we think the approach of removing ICANN Board's approval is
      the best, compared to other solutions such as reviewing and
      strengthening the exising ASO MoU and/or SLA to be developed.

 d. Review Committee
    - Gives credibilities to the review of SLA to be conducted by the
      NRO EC, on the number resources related IANA function services

Rationale for not adopting some elements proposed on some RIR region(s)
 e. Reasons for not supporting AoC
 - The CRISP Team should focus to consider what would be missing as a
   result of the NTIA IANA stewardship transition
 - The US goverment keeps the AoC, so there is no need to replace this
 - The part that will be missing is the contract related to the IANA
   functions, which will be covered by SLA between ICANN and RIRs
 - SLA is sufficient in ensuring to receive the IANA services
 - Do not see why RIRs must be accountable to ICANN and define in AoC
   RIRs should be accountantable to its communities, not ICANN

  On the other hand:
 - No objections were observed that there may be issues related to
   ICANN Board's decisions on Global policies
   (This is inteded to be addressed by c.Remove ICANN Board's approval
    on Global Policies )

 f. Reasons for change from MONC to Review Committee
   - Some of the RIRs believe that MONC is complex and overly
     burdensome, to oversee the performance of a contract where, over
     the past 12 months, the IANA functions operator has performed only
     eight transactions for the RIRs
   - Have the scheme based on the existing framework


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