[CRISP-TEAM] Draft announcement for first draft proposal from CRISP Team

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Dec 18 03:55:09 CET 2014


With the great help and contribution from Alan, and Chris Buckbridge
from RIPE NCC - This is the draft announcement to be sent tomorrow, 19
Dec, calling for community comments for the first draft.

Please give your feedback before the next call, Thu UTC 13:00 19 Dec, as
much as possible.

I would like us to fix the draft before UTC15:00 19 Dec (2h after the
all), to be ready for annoucement Friday, 20 Dec.


Subject: Internet Number Community IANA Stewardship Proposal: First Draft

Dear colleagues,

Please find the first draft of the Internet numbers community's response
to the Request For Proposals issued by the IANA Stewardship Coordination
Group (ICG). This draft has been prepared by the Consolidated RIR IANA
Stewardship Proposal (CRISP) team, and we are now seeking feedback on
this draft from the global community.

The next CRISP team teleconference will be held on [Monday December at
13:00 UTC]. Details on how to join as an observer will be posted to this

 Draft proposal: URL
 The deadline for providing feedback: 5 January 2015
 Feedback should be sent to : <ianaxfer at nro.net> mailing list

 Key points:
  - ICANN to continue as an operator of the IANA function:
  - Agreement: Exchange SLA with ICANN as the IANA function
               operator on number resources
  - Review Committee with representatives from each RIR region

 Key dates:
   First draft published:            19 Dec 2014
   First draft comments close:       5 Jan 2015
   Second draft to be published:     8 Jan 2015
   Second draft comments close:      12 Jan 2015
   Final proposal to be sent to ICG: 15 Jan 2015

 How to engage in discussions:
  All global discussions, for CRISP team to consider as community
  feedback, will be conducted at <ianaxfer at nro.net> mailing list.
  All CRISP team discussions are open to observers.

* Discussions by CRISP Team
  - Details of all the CRISP team's work to date, including recordings,
    minutes and agendas of all CRISP teleconferences and a public
    archive of the internal CRISP team mailing list, are available at:

* Summary of RIR proposals:
Differences between proposals from each RIR regions, and the way in
which those differences have been accommodated, are summarised at:


* Other links:
   ICG request for proposals:

   The IANA Stewardship Transition Discussion in each RIR region:


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