[CRISP-TEAM] A proposal for the LACNIC CRISP Members

Andres Piazza andres at lacnic.net
Wed Dec 17 13:01:56 CET 2014

Thanks very much, Alan.

I want to remind here that the reason why there not many details in the 
LACNIC´s region proposal is precisely to allow the rest of the CRISP 
members to feed it like you are doing.

In our mind, ¨the council¨ should meet every year prior to the NRO-EC 
last retreat, and provide a report that should be considered by the 
NRO-EC (not mandatory).

Your proposal makes sense. I would like to hear the opinion of the rest 
of the colleagues of CRISP on this. Perhaps you are right. Maybe it is 
enough to get the council joint every 2 or 3 years, specially if we 
allow the RIRs to request a meeting if needed. I am not sure about this 



El 12/16/14 7:46 PM, Alan Barrett escribió:
> On Mon, 15 Dec 2014, Andres Piazza wrote:
>> Taking in consideration that the MONC proposal made by LACNIC 
>> community could bring some pushback from other members of the group, 
>> and having heard about the issues that may be unconfortable for the 
>> rest of the CRISP Members, we would like to propose a compromise idea:
> How often would the oversight council be convened?  I suggest that 
> convening annually might be too often.  What about convening at least 
> every three years, or more often at the request of any two of the RIRs?
> --apb (Alan Barrett)

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