[CRISP-TEAM] Draft agenda ver.3 (2 items added on Actions Review) & Meeting materials

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Dec 17 12:13:47 CET 2014


Please see below, the agenda Alan and I discussed.

As you can see, we have quite full agenda.
I have therefore prepared reference documents to today's call.

They are basically based on what's been already shared on the mailing
list - and attachements are for a comprehensive summary.

 Latest draft : draft by Michael (shared on ML)
 Updated RIR proposal summary: sent by Craig (shared on ML)

 Other meeting materials:  (all attached)
 1. References to agenda items.pdf
 2. Andres_mail.pdf
 3. proposal key points.pdf

I am looking forward to talking to you all in roughly two hours time.


1. Agenda Review
2. Actions Review
    - Latest updated proposal to be shared with CRISP team
    - Prepare crisp at nro.net for open archives (18 Dec)
    - documents to be shared on CRISP web page
      agenda, meeting notes or minutes, drafts, any other documents
    - meeting recordings to be published

3. Confirm understanding & adequate reflection in Section III
    a) Agreement
        - Consider contents as SLA only? any AoC elements needed?
    b) Community representatives on oversight
        - Role of the Council
        - Diversity

4. Final check on the initial draft
    a) Check on suggested revisions
    b) Considerations for future draft: including who will draft

5. Preparation for the announcement
    a) Agreement on Comment dealine, where to submit: ianaxfer at nro.net?
    c) Draft announcement
        - Key points
        - volunteer on other part
    d) Communications with respective RIR regions
        - mailing lists: role of RIR mailing lists
        - any other form of engagement

6. Confirm how we incorporate comments & version control
    a) a single point to refer to the latest documents :
    b) common understanding on incorporating communities' comments

7. Reconfirm next steps & schedules
    a) Draft publish time (rough target)
    b) Reconfirm the next call date

8. AOB
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