[CRISP-TEAM] Checking points before initial draft publish

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Dec 17 02:54:27 CET 2014

(2014/12/17 8:08), Alan Barrett wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Dec 2014, Izumi Okutani wrote:
>> While waiting for revised draft, I would like to proceed in parallel 
>> to prepare for final checking before we share the initial draft.
>> Alan, I wonder if you would be able to help me in double checking, on 
>> the points we should cover in the draft?
>> Feedback from other members of the CRISP team would be very welcome as 
>> well ofcourse.
> Throughout our response, it may be useful to change the order of 
> paragraphs or sentences to better match the order of bullet points in 
> the ICG request.

Agree. The same suggetion is made by Andrei and myself, so I think it's
something we should work on, before submmitting the proposal to ICG.

For the initial draft, let's confirm
 - who is/are willing to work on suggested texts AND
 - whether we can incorporate this in time by 18th

It will be great if we can - but if we are too short of time,
we can perhaps add additional section in the announcement,
"Work in progress- expected to be reflected in the 2nd version".

Does this sounds like a reasonable approach?

> In section I, the interdependency with the IETF is broader than just the 
> special purpose values.  The IETF defines the entirety of the number 
> spaces, including portions for special use, portions for ordinary use, 
> and portions reserved for future use.  Only the "ordinary" portions of 
> the address space are handled by the RIRs.

That makes sense. I agree.
Are you willing/anyone can volunteer to work on the suggested text?

I'll create a seperate thread, so we consider this point.


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