[CRISP-TEAM] the initial draft announcement

Craig Ng craig at apnic.net
Wed Dec 17 01:17:45 CET 2014

The updated document is attached. It now incorporate ARIN's proposals (and
AFRINIC's, as requested by Ernest) in the chart. You will note, of course,
that the ARIN's proposal was originally described in the body of the
document (under the heading "Accommodating the differences").

If you have no objection to this, then I will ask German to replace the
current document on the NRO website with this one.


On 17/12/2014 10:06 am, "Craig Ng" <craig at apnic.net> wrote:

>On 17/12/2014 8:50 am, "Izumi Okutani" <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
>>Thanks John very much for letting me know.
>>> Is it possible to edit and correct the summary? ARIN�s proposal dated
>>> November 2014 was published to ARIN�s transition list and made
>>> on the NRO-IANAXFER list on November 28 yet this summary does not
>>> it nor does it compare it in the chart.
>>Let's make sure to reflect the summary which includes ARIN community.
>>may I confirm whether you are happy to work on this revision, or prefer
>>someone from ARIN region to edit the updated version on this summary?
>Hi John, Izumi
>Yes, I am happy to edit the document. Apologies for not capturing ARIN's
>proposal. I intend to make a post-script edit to the document, and
>circulate it to make sure you're happy with it.

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