[CRISP-TEAM] the initial draft announcement

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Tue Dec 16 23:36:00 CET 2014

As you can see from this, I'm not a great writer :)

May I ask for help from German or a volunteer in the team to finish this
announcement, including the basic information part?

We'll continue to dicuss the grey part on key points.

> I thought of two more points:
> * Where to comment (ianaxfer at nro.net mailing list, and/or regional
>   mailing lists).
> * Opening of the archives of the crisp at nrp.net mailing list.

Good points. Totally agree with both.

> Thank you for that.  I noticed two typos: "CRIPS" should be "CRISP",
> and "seperate" should be "separate".

:P Thanks very much Alan.
The updated version.

* Where to comment : ianaxfer at nro.net
                      (how shall we position regional ML?)
 * The deadline:
    - Three days before (1/2) for as the 2nd draft?
      or Other suggestions?
 * Mention about how we handle late comments or not?
 * Link to the proposal document
 * Key points we worked on:
    - SLA and AoC
    - MONC
    - details to be refered to Craig's PDF
 * Overall schedule
 * Ref: proposals from each RIR region
        archives of the crisp at nrp.net mailing list

"Key points we worked" is important in agreeing details, so I drafted
specific description, to be revised with your feedback. Thanks!

The key points CRISP Team has worked are on regional differences we
observed on two points. Please see "Summary of RIR proposals" for more


1. Agreement to be exchanged with the IANA function operator.

    - RIPE community believes it is desirable to have a single SLA, and
      not AoC
    - Other communities propose AoC and SLA

    - Exchange an agreement which can serve as SLA with the IANA
      function operator
    - While there will be no document called AoC, intended contents of
      AoC will be reflected in the same agreement which covers SLA
    - IANA operator is considered as service operator, in which case,
      SLA suits better, as in the case of IETF.

    - All regions agree about the need for SLA
    - As long as contents of AoC is reflected, it does not matter
      whether a separate document, or merged with SLA document

2. Oversight body/function

    -  LACNIC community prefers to have a broader based
       community group to review the performance of the
       IANA functions. Multi-stakeholder Oversight Numbers
       Council(MONC) is proposed.
    -  Some of the RIRs believe that MONC is complex and
       overly burdensome, to oversee the performance of a contract
       (over the past 12 months, the IANA functions operator has
       performed only eight transactions for the RIRs.)

    - The NRO (as the umbrella body through which all the
      RIRs will enter into any proposed contract with the IANA
      functions operator) can commit to convening a broad based
      community group, in a manner similar to the creation of the CRISP
    - This will be done on an annual basis, to advise and report to
       the NRO Executive Council on the performance of the SLA during
       the past year.

    Rationale: (This is my guessing - more than happy to be corrected)
     - Accommodates to conduct oversight without setting up a separate
       entity for this role.
     - We already have experience from CRISP team on nominations and
       selection process.


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