[CRISP-TEAM] Preparation for initial draft publish: Inputs before 16 Dec

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Dec 12 13:46:54 CET 2014


Once we publish the initial draft, there are two possible aproaches
about setting deadline to the 1st draft .

 a. We don't define deadline for the 1st draft
    To prepare the 2nd draft on 5th, we incorporate comments as much as
    possible, and clarify, until which comments we managed to
    incorporate. We collect final comments on 12th Jan.

 b. We set a deadline for 1st draft
    (for example: 3 days before we publish 2nd draft, 2nd Jan)

My personal preference is b.
 - to avoid confusion which comments were incorprated and which were not
 - make sure the community takes a serious look before we publish the
   2nd draft. (and not wait until 12th Jan as announced deadline)

Let me know your thoughts on this before 16th Dec, so we can verbally
re-confirm at the 17th Dec teleconference.

Just as a recap, this is the timeline we agreed at the last call,
before publishing the initial draft.

 - 16th Dec: CRISP Team members input deadline
 - 17th Dec: Michael will reflect all the inputs in the draft proposal
 - 18th Dec: Publish the initial draft

I encourage you all to share your comments on the latest draft, as well
as new threads being/to be created on individual elements, again, before
16th Dec.



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