[CRISP-TEAM] Your inputs about records of meetings: 15th Dec, UTC 13:00

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Dec 12 12:01:18 CET 2014


There has been suggestions about meeting records format, as well as a
request expressed on ianaxfer at nro.net to provide voice recordings.

Please give your inputs, if you have opinions, about how we provide
records of meetings to the community before: 15th Dec, UTC 13:00.

Based on the comments expressed so far, and considering not to consume
too much resources on this, this is a draft idea on how we keep and
provide meeting records.

 * Provide Meeting Notes & voice recordings
    - Meeting notes sufficiently share discussions points and not
      as formal as minutes
    - Voice recordings allow CRIPS members & communities to follow
      discussions in details, even missing a call

 * Timeline to provide inputs and publish
     - 24h window for inputs:after German shares draft notes on crisp ML
     - Target to publish 48h after the meeting
       (Can be flexible depending on situation)

If you would like to suggest other formats and/or Timelines, please
clarify whether you have concerns with the above idea (if so, reasons),
or simply a matter of preference.

Other formats mentioned so far: Meeting Summary,Minutes, Transcripts


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